We Learn by Doing

In today’s society, we have stopped seeking out our own answers. Why would we need to when Google is right at our fingertips? But society has also stopped fostering the curiosity of children. If they are curious about something, the answer can easily be found with a quick online search, but will they understand it? At Wildflower, that is the beautiful thing. If they are curious about something, they have the opportunity to learn by doing rather than learn by me giving them the answer or finding it on Google. Curious about how long a historical ship was? Let’s measure it out! Interested in how to make money by starting a business? Let’s have a business fair for you to create one! If we as adults learn best by doing, why would we not give that experience to someone young, fresh-eyed, curious, and hungry for knowledge? Imagine what these children will create with a learning environment meant to empower them to be curious and learn by doing. The possibilities are endless!

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