Updated: May 13

At Wildflower, we believe that each child is a genius with a calling that is destined to change the world.

It is our mission to provide an environment where learners can discover and develop their calling and unique genius.

No Classrooms, No Courses, No Grades, Just Learning

Learning goes beyond math facts, Lexile levels, memorization, and test-taking. Learning involves the whole mind. Perseverance, ability to public speak comfortably, problem-solving skills, knowing your comfort, challenge, and panic zones, conflict resolution, and other important mindset strengths.

This school year, the Discovery Heroes participated in a Fall and Spring academic assessment (please note, an academic assessment only offers a glimpse into one facet of academic growth). After reviewing each Heroes' results, we celebrated. From leveling up one grade level to skipping four grade levels, each Hero experienced massive growth. While I disagree that grade-level work is accurate or relevant. I would also argue that one cannot up-level their "grade level" without having gained the more important skills such as perseverance, and other mindset strengths.

More to the point, these Heroes discovered their mindset strengths, and academic abilities without a teacher ever teaching them what to do or how to learn. It is because of our Wildflower environment and that the Heroes are geniuses that they experienced so much growth. Gaining momentum like this early in their life is why they will change the world.

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