They don’t need us as much as we think...

A few weeks ago on a Tuesday, I stepped away from the Spark Studio during morning launch. This was unexpected to the heroes as they did not have any previous warning. During this time they found me elsewhere and questioned if I was coming or not. When asked if they could lead a launch on their own they agreed they could and off they went! When I came into the studio to help set goals for core skills they had completely led a launch on their own and even mapped out their thoughts in a web format. My mind was blown. They drew pictures since they cannot yet spell but they made sure to symbolize what they were talking about in a way they knew how. There has truly been massive growth in this studio but it is hard for me to fully see it unless I step back and allow them this freedom, but once I do I see something incredible evolving. Another thing that got me was that we write the date on the board every morning when we change the calendar. Typically, I write it at the top of the board but because I was not present they wrote it but it was at the bottom of the board. They explained that they did not want to break their contract and stand on a chair so they solved the problem on their own. They chose to follow their contract even without a guide present. Young people can be leaders with integrity. That is powerful.

Mrs. Becca Nuckels

Spark Studio Guide (ages 4-7 years old)

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