Seeds of Potential

As I was washing and cutting up this bowl of berries I began to think about the Heroes at Wildflower. Each of these berries started as a seed that grew into a plant that produced fruit. If the seeds were left on their own they would have stayed as seeds and not root to produce fruit. However, the seeds were planted in soil, watered, given sunlight and careful attention. The seeds in turn flourished and bore fruit. Each of the berries are unique and amazing on their own. No one berry is more important than another. The heroes at wildflower are like seeds. They have the potential to bloom and use their gifts to find a calling that will change the world. Wildflower helps “nourish” the seeds (Heroes) by providing them with opportunities and tools to bloom and grow and grow and grow…. producing extraordinary individuals as unique and amazing as each berry.

Every child has seeds of potential. Wildflower will help tend to those seeds.

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