Learn To Learn, Learn To Do, Learn To Be

At Wildflower, we have three pillars of Learning: Learning to Learn, Learning to Do, Learning to Be.

While each pillar has its challenges. Learning to Do is by far the Heroes favorite pillar. Learning to Do is a more fun pillar (and sometimes hard). Examples of Learning to Do are learning to ride a bike, make breakfast, skip a rock on water, swing, run a mile, and more.

Hands-on Quests for Science entrepreneurship and the arts prepare children for apprenticeships and real world challenges.

We are nearing the end of our first year as a school and I am constantly amazed at all the Heroes have Learned to Do. Just now, as I was walking through the Discovery Studio, I found three Heroes who are each writing sequels to the books they just finished. One Hero just completed a 50-page book and is working on her third book. Another Hero, for the first time, was able to put a theme and storyline together in a story format. On the other side of the school, our Spark Heroes are making Frozen Strawberry Jam. They have been diving into a week of Farm to Fork and are learning how to can foods. In the last few weeks, the Wildflower Heroes have created a community garden to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Today, one Hero learned how to use a 100s chart as a math resource. While these are all recent examples, this year has been packed full of Learning to Do moments. It has been a beautiful thing to witness.

If these Heroes can Learn to Do these things in less than one year, what can they Learn to Do after two years? I believe their options are limitless.

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