Real World Skills

What type of education will set your child up for success later in life? One where they sit behind a desk for hours on end with little to no excitement or one where they have the opportunity to build character and practice real world skills?

If you chose the latter, read on and I will let you in on something new we started this session in the Discovery Studio!

Throughout this year, the heroes have had jobs that they complete to earn money to purchase their laptops. Some examples of those jobs include: morning greeter which is a hero that joins a guide outside in the morning to greet and welcome heroes to the school, the plant aquifer who is in charge of keeping all of the plants at the school watered and several more. These jobs are assigned and they switch each week.

This session, I decided to hire for additional roles within the studio. The jobs I hired for are: Core Skills Leader which is a position where the hero does core skills in the Spark Studio where they can help them read directions and assist them on challenging problems, Character Callout Leader where the hero leads the reading of character callouts on Fridays at closing circle, and the last job I hired for this session was Buddy of Books that requires the hired hero to keep the library organized. To get hired for a position, the heroes had to submit a resume and answer several questions via email. None of the heroes had created a resume prior to this experience, so they researched how to do so and created one based on their findings. Upon reviewing their resumes, I either sent them an email inviting them to an interview or declined their application. At the interview I asked the heroes questions pertaining to the position that they applied for as well as character based questions. After the interviews I deliberated and informed those that applied whether they got hired or not. All of the jobs I hired for have different weekly salaries based on time and effort needed to complete them. There are also additional ways for the heroes who got hired, as well as other heroes, to earn more money. With that being said, in addition to paying for their computer, there are now more things that they are able to purchase such as extra free time and even a chick-fil-a lunch! With that privilade comes more responsibility so there are also additional things for them to pay for and ways they get fined.

Real world skills were practiced and developed during this time. Imagine if you had the opportunity to write a resume and have an interview between the ages of 7-11. How much more confident would you have been going into your first hiring experience in the world outside of school? What if you got the chance to earn money and learn how to budget for certain items? We will continue to give our heroes these real world opportunities whenever possible!

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