Practice Makes for Confidence

Many people are uncomfortable with public speaking. As adults, we may encounter this at work or at an event. When called to do this, I know I tend to feel quite uncomfortable so I imagine others may feel the same. So, how can we change things for the next generation? Practice! At Wildflower, the heroes have many opportunities to not only practice public speaking in front of each other, but also a group of friends and family. Beginning from the age of 4, these heroes have many opportunities to sharpen this skill and become more comfortable with it. After observing the growth within the studio, I am guiding in from the beginning of the year to now, I can say I have seen a huge shift in how each of the heroes feel about public speaking. In fact, we recently finished a mini research project where the heroes had to choose a pet and come up with reasons why they chose this pet based on the pet’s personality. They had fun choosing their hypothetical pet and presenting to everyone what they chose. Not only did they have fun, but they each got up and presented to everyone with ease! Looking back to the beginning of the year, I don’t think this would have happened without a few heroes choosing not to participate out of fear. While perfection does not exist, practice does make for confidence, and I have seen it firsthand!

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