If you provide children with opportunities, they will find their calling and change the world.

So far this year, the Wildflower Heroes have been planetary astronomers discovering new ways to explore space, authors who write their own books and comics, marine scientists that research adaptations of deep-sea organisms, entrepreneurs creating and running their own businesses, and so much more! Opportunity after opportunity to figure out what truly fascinates them.

Quests are picked by heroes, so they will continue to choose what they want to explore. When I asked them what topics they found interesting, some of their responses were bugs, legos, comedy, Harry Potter…. the list goes on. With those ideas, I can build out quests where the heroes become entomologists, engineers or architects, comedians, and ‘wizards’ learning about a range of things from mythical creatures to how things fly.

What if all children had the opportunity to explore different facets of what interests them? How would they feel as they grew and entered adulthood? What could they become?

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