Math and pie

In my last blog post I talked about making things fun and more “game” like. Recently the Spark heroes completed one full thermometer and earned their final reward on their second math challenge! This reward was to pie me, the Spark Guide, in the face. Leading up to earning this reward, the Spark heroes were dedicated to completing their math goals and some heroes even did extra math to fill in the spaces faster. Each time I colored more spaces in on their chart, they became more and more motivated to complete their math goals. On the day they officially earned it, each hero had completed their math goals, but there was one space left! This meant that one more page needed to be completed. The clock was ticking, but one hero chose to complete one more page, and they ended up earning it just in time! The coolest thing to observe during this time was the encouragement the other heroes were giving to the one hero. The next day, even though it was cold and snowy, I suited up in some trash bags, and each hero took turns smashing their pie in my face. They had the best time, and I’m sure this is a memory they will not easily forget! This just goes to show; make it fun, and they really will buy-in!

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