If you foster independence, it will grow.

During the 2nd quest I asked the heroes about the upcoming quest. “What would you like to learn about candy specifically?” They quickly exclaimed that they wanted to know about the sugar content and if it was healthy. What kinds of candy there are. What do different candy stores look like inside. And lastly, can they make their own candy to sell to their guests at exhibition. So, I planned and shortly after we set off on a new journey. The quest was fun and they seemed to be blown away by what they discovered. Then, it came time to make their candy. They were very excited! I explained that all the materials they needed to package the candy after it was on the table in front of them. After a few hours of exhibition practice I found the heroes had already begun packaging their product without coming to me for anything! They checked to see if the chocolate had set, figured out how to use the packaging bags, and figured out how to get the chocolates out of the molds and off the tray. Before I even knew it they were halfway done. At this moment it hit me, once I started to foster in them the need to be independent and not need me, they took hold of that and ran with it. It was such a cool moment to witness!

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