List of Reflections From Our First Week

Updated: May 13

Our first week of Wildflower has been a whirlwind.

Wrapping up our first week together has brought a list of reflections to my mind.

1. There is an unlimited amount of time to reinvent the wheel. The Guides and I came into day one with a pristine game plan. We learned fast that game plans need flexibility. Sometimes a game plan needs to be scratched and rewritten altogether. Flexibility towards the desired outcome is the key.

2. Team building is messy. The entire week was dedicated to the Heroes developing their team-building skills. Each Hero is unique with their perspective and personality and blending the two "P"s (perspectives and personalities) makes for tough and vulnerable conversations. Doesn't Brene Brown share this? Surely she does!

3. Growth happens at every moment. From day one to four, each Hero grew in various ways. Such as realizing that other people play Uno differently, learning that chaos happens when there are no boundaries, drawing a heart for the first time, understanding your perspective is not everyone else's perspective, memorizing the lyrics to a song they never heard before to choreograph a Lip Dub, or finding their voice to speak up. Growth is limitless.

4. I never would have guessed this, but D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time is a Hero favorite. Wildflower has avid book lovers. On any given afternoon after lunch, you are sure to find each Hero engulfed in a book.

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